Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NBA 30-Team Preview #12: San Antonio Spurs

Old faithful...


C - Tiago Splitter, DeJuan Blair
PF - Tim Duncan, Antonio McDyess, Matt Bonner
SF - Richard Jefferson, Bobby Simmons
SG - Manu Ginobili, James Anderson
PG - Tony Parker, George Hill


Ryan: This is another team that is getting looked over STILL...this is because they are boring..they aren't a sexy team either but real basketball fans know that the combo of Duncan/Ginobili/Parker is well equipped to take on any team in the league. Age is always going to be a factor with this team because Duncan is 34 and Manu is 33 but Parker if healthy will be playing for a contract and that should be more than
enough to take charge.Add to that young guys like James Anderson,DeJuan Blair and newcomer Tiago Splitter, this team has a really good run in them...can you out gush me? lol

Brad: It's always me that out-gushes on the Spurs... the big 3 are back... and I hear rave reviews of Tiago Splitter almost daily... things like "top 10 center right away" and "15 and 10" are being thrown around... that's a beautiful thing for a lifelong Tim Duncan fan such as myself... Timmy D is down to about 30 minutes per, and this will help him by taking some of the pressure off up front if Splitter is this good... they brought back Jefferson (hated that) but at a reduced price, it could be worse... it's really about health here... they can no longer afford injury time lost to Manu or Parker... Hill is an elite 3rd guard, but we have no idea what James Anderson could be, and old "glue" guys like Bowen, Mason, etc. are gone... but you know I love them... can't pick against Pop (aka the best in the business) and Duncan... and the point about Parker being in a contract year can't be overlooked... he'll be ready...

Ryan: Reeling it in..
-I think 15/10 is a little lofty for Splitter right out of the gate
Richard Jefferson is a good 3rd option and he'll be a little more comfortable with the offense
-I agree with you that next to no time can be lost from Parker and Manu
-What the hell is an elite 3rd guard? lol
-I'll be always be philosophically opposed and i'm a Phil Jackson fan..

Brad: There's the disagreement I could see a mile away... okay... the "elite 3rd guard" comment... he's the best backup PG in the league IMO, and he's versatile enough to play the 2 when needed.. Jefferson is fine, I just don't like the fit for what they've been asking him to do... and 15/10 is definitely lofty for Splitter, and I'm clueless to be sure, but I can go by what I read from people I trust... the style is ugly, and always will be... but you can't hate on the 4 rings...

Ryan: All fair points...so where do you have them in the West?

Brad: I've been back and forth on this... I have them as the 2nd best team in the West... but I also know it's Pop and he couldn't care less where they finish in the regular season... so I've kind of middled it and decided on this... Prediction: 4th in the West

Ryan: I'm with you as well..they aren't concerned with seedings either way
so I'll agree and go Prediction: 4th in the West

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