Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NBA 30-Team Preview #16: Toronto Raptors

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C - Andrea Bargnani, Joey Dorsey, Solomon Alabi
PF - Amir Johnson, Ed Davis, David Andersen, Reggie Evans
SF - Linas Kleiza, Sonny Weems, Julian Wright
SG - Demar Derozan, Leandro Barbosa
PG - Jarrett Jack, Jose Calderon, Marcus Banks


Well this is ugly... the Raps put all of their eggs in the "re-sign Bosh" basket... and flopped miserably... couple that with the failed Hedo acquisition that resulted in Leandro Barbosa (!) and not much else... and here's what you're left with... Bargnani is a significant talent, but he's miscast as a center because he's a) a terrible rebounder, and b) not a physical defender... The Amir Johnson signing was a curious one... not just because the contract was a massive overpayment... but because he would block lottery pick Ed Davis... The wing situation is a bit of a mess too... Kleiza comes back from Europe and he's capable, but there's no go-to scorer to be seen... Derozan has nice upside, and was improved late in 09-10 but he'll be a key... the PG situation is foggy but not a trainwreck... I like Jarrett Jack.. he's a big, physical guard who can defend and is a capable offensive player, and he's "complimented" (lol) by Calderon who's an efficient offensive player/distributor but who can't defend anyone... As a former Raptor supporter... talk me down?

For the record could we remove the not a "physical" defender and just leave Bargnani as a non-defender?...just wondering lol. Toronto really thought they had a shot a Bosh but when he finally bolted..they panicked and seemingly thought the draft/signing of Ed Davis and Amir Johnson could do that.....uh....not this year they won't... For this team to even be really competitive Bargnani has to make the jump to a 20 point scorer but...I don't think thats him...I think if this team plays uptempo they could be competitive there too because I watched this team "try" to defend last year and that didn't really look good at all..and that was WITH Bosh.With a lack of anything that resembles a go-to-guy I think that this is the worst team in the league..well..bottom 2 or 3...

Okay, Bargnani can't guard... I'm with you! I think you were right with "worst in the league"... end of sentence... lol... I do think Bargnani makes a little scoring leap... out of necessity alone and gets to that 20 ppg area... but it won't matter... they'd need a herculean leap from Derozan and Amir to have any chance of being competitive nightly... and I don't see both exploding the way they'd need to... They have that giant trade exception, but I'm not sure there's anything to be done mid-season because anyone who they'd target would never resign there (i.e. Melo, etc.)... it's a bad spot... remember when Bryan Colangelo won exec of the year? Yikes... Prediction: 15th in the East

Ryan: Herculean?..that word doesn't come up enough.Anyways I agree with the results but not so much for Bargnani.It's really bad when we preview a team and we mention a trade exception..yeah..on that note Prediction: 15th in East

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