Thursday, October 21, 2010

NBA 30-Team Preview #19: New Jersey Nets

Nothing clever here...


C - Brook Lopez, Johan Petro, Joe Smith
PF - Troy Murphy, Derrick Favors, Kris Humphries
SF - Travis Outlaw, Damion James
SG - Anthony Morrow, Terrence Williams, Quinton Ross
PG - Devin Harris, Jordan Farmar, Ben Uzoh


This is an interesting team this year... Lopez is a cornerstone-type big who reportedly is the only "untouchable" on the trading block (and for good reason), but he teams with vet Troy Murphy, who they brought in as an expiring contract, but who is a very nice player, and a nice guy to bring Favors along slowly behind.. This offseason was... in short? Weird... they overspent on Petro, Outlaw, and Morrow (to be kind), and brought in Farmar for semi-reasonable money... all that to say... I'm not sure any of the 3 are NBA starters, and they blocked their previous year's lottery pick (Terrence Williams) with the Outlaw and Morrow moves... and we haven't even gotten to Devin Harris yet... who was absolutely awesome in 08-09 but with injuries and regression on the court took a step back and was being openly shopped recently...

Ryan: You know what?...they aren't that interesting to me..Like I think I can accurately see this team not being good this time, when last year I didn't think they would be as bad as they were. I never really saw the hype behind Favors even in college and his numbers in preseason have generally backed me up... Lopez is a good center but when I watch him play his impact is just ok(maybe coaches going away from him but still).... I like Terrence Williams and Anthony Morrow as well as Travis Outlaw but at this point these people can't be relied upon for consistency. Oh here's something thats undervalued..the Devin Harris/Avery Johnson combo...

Harris' 39gms under Avery: 14.4pts/5.3asts/2.3rebs
Harris' 69gms in NJ:21.3pts/6.5asts/3.4rebs

Now you can say smaller sample size and Harris being the higher option than in Dallas...and you're half right..but Avery more than likely won't be giving full reigns to Harris and make him less or a scorer and more of a that the better Harris?

Brad: Glad you brought up the Avery/Harris thing... there's a bit of an asterisk situationally... but I'm not real high on the combo of that + the full-out trade rumors that have been all over Harris... It's not an interesting roster necessarily, more so an interesting situation with the ownership (hilarity), and millions of trade talks that they'll inevitably be placed in... it's a much, much better roster than at this time last year, and I still think they were better than their win/loss record (travesty) of last year anyway... I see a small bump, and they won't be laughable... I just hope Avery pounds the ball to Brook Lopez.. because I go the other way from you, I think he's 20/10 easily if he's the focal point (which he should be with this roster)... done and done... Prediction: 12th in the East

Ryan: They are surprisingly active for some reason in trade talks... its not like New Jersey is that attractive for the next few years.. but regardless... I don't think Avery is as good as everything thinks he is,atleast for this relatively young team but I agree with you that the ball should go into Lopez early and often but I don't think it will like you think it should.. Prediction: 12th in the East

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