Thursday, October 21, 2010

NBA 30-Team Preview #20: Charlotte Bobcats



C - Nazr Mohammed, Kwame Brown, Desagana Diop
PF - Boris Diaw, Eduardo Najera, Dominic McGuire
SF - Gerald Wallace, Ty Thomas, Darius Miles (lol)
SG - Stephen Jackson, Gerald Henderson, Matt Carroll
PG - DJ Augustin, Shaun Livingston, Sherron Collins


Brad: Well... as you've figured out... We're going in reverse order (on my list) and it may surprise you to see Charlotte here... it shouldn't however... the loss of Raymond Felton (and the subsequent insertion of Mr. DJ Augustin) can't be understated... that drop-off is huge... factor in the dearth at Center (laughable), and the overall lack of inspiration exhibited by fat Boris Diaw and company... I can't see much to marvel at here... Am I making any sense?

Ryan: The center thing isn't a big deal to this team because they had Tyson Chandler last year and refused to play him like he should've been that really hasn't changed..but the loss of Felton will definitely be felt because he was emerging as a real option in close games for them. Replacing him with the combo of Augustin and Livingston is a tremendous drop off and can't be understated...they should've gotten Jose Calderon this summer the minute Felton bolted for NY. This is one of those teams that won't score too much and you can't watch them(thanks Larry Brown) but they will defend and win some games...

Brad: I feel like they overachieved last year... and then got worse? I'm with you on the Calderon thing... that was all but done until MJ pulled the plug... I really like Livingston, always have, but we have no idea if he can carry any significant load, and all I hear are negatives on Augustin... it would take a big-time effort from Wallace and Cap'n Jack to get them back to the playoffs, and I don't trust it... not with Boris Diaw as the 3rd option... I can't... Prediction: 11th in the East

I like both PGs but neither has separated themselves from their reputations going from last year..and here we are.I'm not a Larry Brown supporter so I don't think his magic will carry into this year... Prediction: 9th in the East

For the record... we're too similar on this stuff... lol... Until next time...

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