Saturday, October 23, 2010

NBA 30-Team Preview #25: Milwaukee Bucks

The cream is rising...


C - Andrew Bogut, Jon Brockman, Brian Skinner
PF - Ersan Ilyasova, Drew Gooden, Larry Sanders
SF - Corey Maggette, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Chris Douglas-Roberts
SG - John Salmons, Carlos Delfino, Darington Hobson, Michael Redd (injured)
PG - Brandon Jennings, Keyon Dooling, Earl Boykins


If you look above... that's 16 guys (including Redd) who are all NBA players... that's kind of impressive in itself... but this is a nice team... Bogut is an elite center in this league (top-3), Maggette and Salmons are both capable of going out and getting you 20 ppg, and Jennings is the flashy, but well-oiled PG who can do anything you ask him to do... add in role guys like Gooden, Luc Richard, Delfino, and Ilyasova, and you got something going here... my main concern, outside of Bogut's health, on this team is the implementation of Maggette... they made their headway last year on lockdown D, and Corey isn't exactly that guy... between him and Salmons, they'll be a little defensively challenged on the wing, and headman Scott Skiles isn't going to like that at all.. Speaking of Skiles, he's a task-master... those guys burn out teams quick.. is this the year? The talent is certainly better than 2009-10, and Jennings is a year older... but what kind of effect will that have?...

Ryan: I don't think anyone pegged Milwaukee for the year that they had last year without Michael Redd but they came out of nowhere... Now with the expectations of "doing something" they have a really good chance of that but there are cracks in the foundations.... Mainly Andrew Bogut's health... he had a really bad fall last year that kept him out of the playoffs this year..will he be his old self? Speaking of old selves..will John Salmons be his old self from Chicago last half season(12.7pts at 42% fg) or will he be the one who the Bucks saw put up 20pts at almost 47%?...tough to believe the 2nd one but here's hoping... Corey Maggette is a good pick up because he gets to the line at an amazing rate, but health, lack of defense and a lack of ball movement are the knocks on him..and ultimately what is the step forward like for Brandon Jennings?..he had a great rookie season considering the experience(lack of) he had going into the NBA...can he progress?..I think most of these will favor the Bucks rather than hinder them...

Brad: The Bogut thing just can't be understated... he's their best player, and the only legit post option on the roster unless you believe in Gooden (I don't).. he has to be there... I just didn't understand the Maggette move from a philosophical standpoint... my vision is one of Skiles' being furious upon hearing they signed him lol... anyway, there is more talent here than anyone could've foreseen 2 years ago... especially with Redd taking up 18 million under the cap (so brutal)... they aren't good enough to challenge the East's elite, but they're certainly a cut above the Indiana/New York crew... Prediction: 6th in the East

Ryan: I do believe Skiles was rolling his eyes when Maggette was traded for but when you get him for NO ONE have to take him.He's a guy who can create contact and get to the line... they really don't have anyone else with that trait. I'm really in love with their depth at all positions (while Gooden isn't near Bogut in terms of offense) I actually am on the bandwagon of "Fear the Deer"... Prediction 5th in the East

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