Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NBA 30-Team Preview #5: LA Clippers

The red-headed step child...


C - Chris Kaman, DeAndre Jordan, Jarron Collins
PF - Blake Griffin, Al-Farouq Aminu, Craig Smith
SF - Ryan Gomes, Rasual Butler, Brian Cook
SG - Eric Gordon, Randy Foye, Willie Warren
PG - Baron Davis, Eric Bledsoe, Jon Scheyer


Brad: Ah the Clips... kind of a kryptonite for me... 2 years in a row, I've been all-in on the Clips bandwagon and fallen flat... I won't fall for it 3 times (so you should go against me now)... I really like their core... Kaman is an elite center in this league (for better or worse), Eric Gordon really impressed at the Worlds, and has an uncanny ability to put the ball in the basket, and B-Dizzle is B-Dizzle (even when he weighs like 275... ouch)... There are certainly question marks as well... namely what they'll get from rookie lottery pick Aminu (hated the pick, think he's a tweener/athlete with little skill), and we have no idea what Blake Griffin will be... Well, Ryan, you've talked me down already... at least a little... now drive it home lol...

Ryan: Ahhhh the Paper Clips..this team is cursed....with bad management lol..I'm actually really down on them(again) so far as to pick the Grizzlies over them even though they have less talent off the bench...Having Dunleavy out as coach has to help but you bring in Del Negro and uh...yeah...Blake Griffin is the big piece here in that if he's healthy he's a legit 18-9 guy.... Individually the talent is there but that with that 5 everyone is due to breakout..who takes the backseat?..It has to be Baron but he's too busy not being in shape(again)...

Brad: The Dunleavy jettison is the underrated thing here... and it would've raised them probably 2-3 more spots in my rankings... until they hired Vinny Del Negro... who is equally terrible in-game, but at least better in personnel (i.e. not having control like Dunleavy did)... I think Blake steps in right away, wins rookie of the year (he's still eligible), and does so with about the 18/9 that you stated... Baron is a movie producer now! Didn't you hear? I didn't like Bledsoe as a lottery pick, but for where they got him in the draft, it's pretty nice value.. I'm just not sure he can run the show... I think whether they are a playoff contender comes down to 1) Baron's health, and 2) whether they can get ANY-thing out of that other wing spot opposite Gordon.. Gomes and Aminu are tweener guys... I like Gomes, but I don't think you can get away with him and Griffin defensively against any quick SF... and Rasual Butler is a nice role guy who can knock down shots, but I'm not sure you want him playing 25-30 minutes a night... I'll go safe and give them 31-34 wins... but if it all comes together? Could be looking at a fringe playoff team... Prediction: 11th in the West

Ryan: I've been in this position before... saying if and this could happen for this team but they have the most unfortunate luck with anything on the would think Baron being the movie guy could shoot a documentary about a good offseason basketball schedule(okay no more Baron jokes) but seriously I cant take them in good consciousness to be any better than Memphis until they show me something other than paper talent. Prediction: 12th in West.

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