Saturday, October 23, 2010

NBA 30-Team Preview #24: Indiana Pacers

Indy? Really?...


C - Roy Hibbert, Jeff Foster, Solomon Jones
PF - Josh McRoberts, Tyler Hansborough
SF - Danny Granger, Paul George, Dahntay Jones
SG - Mike Dunleavy, Brandon Rush, James Posey, Lance Stephenson
PG - Darren Collison, TJ Ford


I can't believe I'm putting them this high... I've been murdering them for years... but there's reasoning... 1) Danny Granger is legit... he's top-5 in the L at his position and a star... 2) Darren Collison is very, very good..., and 3) As much as I hate to admit it.. Roy Hibbert doesn't suck... Everyone good with that? Good... Dunleavy's capable when healthy, and they have a surplus of servicable wings... George has upside, but I think he's a bust candidate... Jones is nice when he's your 4th swingman (true in this case) b/c he can come in and lock someone down if needed... and I've always liked Rush... Ford is a very, very good backup PG as well... the issue is clearly at Power Forward... I love Josh McRoberts' game... always have going back to Duke... but suddenly he's a starting 4 in the L? Huh? I'm not 100% that that translates... and Psycho T (!) is an energy guy/backup who does things that you need, but he'll need to be solid for them to get by with those 2... Am I too high?

Ryan: I would've been even higher on Indy if they still had Troy Murphy..I really dig Danny Granger..Darren Collison is a significant improvement over what they've been getting out of AJ Price and TJ Ford..he's the only one who can shoot and defend well of the 3 of them. I think Paul George is pretty good from what i've seen but I don't think he gets many minutes because of the depth at the praising Roy Hibbert?..this is a breakthrough really is..moving on..the power forward position is one of concern because I, unlike Bradley, am not a fan of Josh McRoberts work...and Hansbrough is better to me but has been dealing with ear infections for months it seems..the bar is very very low for output from those two players...

Brad: Totally agree on Murphy... that hurts them.. but alas... it's not really me "praising" Roy Hibbert... I still think he's limited... he's just not as bad as I thought he'd be... that's fair? lol.... I think the power forward spot is clearly a question mark, but with Collison/Granger/Hibbert and whoever is playing the other wing spot out of Rush/Dunleavy/George/Jones/Posey, it's a nice core... had a tough time deciding between them and the Knicks.. but if you read the Knicks preview... you know where I am here... all hail Josh McRoberts! Lord help us... Prediction: 7th in the East

Ryan: You know who I don't like on this team?...Brandon Rush..he's remarkably average to me and shouldn't get the minutes that he should. I think Lance Stevenson will be way better..and did you mention Posey? checking..anyway I do like the wing core of the team but perhaps its too much..maybe you could get away with having Granger at the 4 which would be very interesting but until that rotation kinda shakes out better I have to give them the last in treatment... Prediction: 8th in the East

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