Saturday, October 23, 2010

NBA 30-Team Preview #22: Washington Wizards

3 guard!


C - Jevale McGee, Hilton Armstrong
PF - Andray Blatche, Yi Jianlian, Trevor Booker
SF - Al Thornton, Josh Howard (injured),
SG - Gilbert Arenas, Nick Young, Mardy Collins
PG - John Wall, Kirk Hinrich
, Lester Hudson


This will be hilarious/fun... The best 3 players on this team are all 6'3 or 6'4 "point" guards... Read that again... Gilbert Arenas, Kirk Hinrich and John Wall are (in my mind) clearly their best options... but they are all the same size and play the same position(s)... that's a bit of an issue... I've read/heard in multiple places that they plan on playing all 3 guys, and I'm okay with it simply because you need to play your best players the most minutes... but how do you defend with those 3 guys on the floor together? Hinrich on small forwards? Gilbert "ole"-ing? Good luck... Al Thornton is really, really not good... so there's that... and the absence of Josh Howard for at least some, if not most, of the season hurts them from a wing talent standpoint... but that isn't the major concern to me... Blatche is nice up front, but McGee is still terribly raw, and there's zero depth... like Hilton Armstrong-like zero depth... It'll be entertaining at least...

Ryan: The three-under-6'5-guard lineup proposed for Washington could only work well in college... theres no way it could work for an entire game... Now...there's a small chance that it could but just not for elite small forwards(there aren't many). I do think that the small forward position is a open door until Josh Howard gets back but its just weird that Al Thornton couldn't take a grip on the position when there was NO COMPETITION for the spot in training camp... he can't beat himself basically. John Wall is pretty electric from what i've seen thus far so it seems as if Washington made the right choice by having him drafted #1.. Blatche hopefully will put together another solid season but the bench is terrrrrible (editor's note: Copyright Bill Walton, here)...Outside of Hinrich (who may be starting) there really isn't anyone reliable there...speaking of reliable there's the return of Gilbert Arenas...I think he bounces back but health will always be a dark cloud hanging over him...

Brad: I'm glad you were the one who brought up Gilbert's health... thought I'd lob you that softball... I agree on the bench... whichever guard of the 3 that doesn't start will be the only reliable contributor... I'm not sold on Yi being a rotation guy no matter how much I hear about it.. They really, really need Howard healthy, and quick... Maybe Hilton Armstrong can reclaim his UConn glory? Okay I'm stretching, but he could be capable for 10 minutes a night... the problem is, he'll probably have to play 20+ minutes... yikes... I'm hanging my hat on Gil's health, and Wall's electricity and going with... Prediction: 9th in the East

Ryan: Stretching isn't the word I'd use for Hilton Armstrong reclaiming anything good in the league..."making up" better lol...I think that Yi could be...something...but can't be relied upon for like 12-14 points..maybe if he's the go-to guy on the 2nd team yeah... But I think that the Gil thing works this year but they just don't have enough firepower this year to do anything of significance in the East.. Prediction: 10th in the East

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