Monday, October 4, 2010

NBA 30-Team Preview #3: Sacramento Kings



C - DeMarcus Cousins, Samuel Dalembert, Hassan Whiteside
PF - Carl Landry, Jason Thompson, Darnell Jackson
SF - Omri Casspi, Donte Greene, Antoine Wright, Marcus Landry
SG - Tyreke Evans, Francisco Garcia, JR Giddens
PG - Beno Udrih, Luther Head (not a PG, Evans is backup PG)


This Kings team has some similarities to the Golden State Warriors talent-wise: Talented young lead guard(Evans here/Curry there) talented big men (Landry/Cousins/Dalembert here vs Lee/Biedrins/Udoh there) and a glaring question-mark about the small forward position... Regardless of all that, this team is extremely young (Beno Udrih & Francisco Garcia are the vets @ 28) and speaking of Beno...who is still starting on this team?...if Tyreke Evans is the primary ballhandler...which pairs him with another point guard.... Okay okay..he's not a point guard himself (I expect him to be a 2 later much like Dwyane Wade early in his career) but if he's going to do the early Wade or Brandon Roy thing we need someone out there that is better than Beno...and I haven't even mentioned the Rasheed Wallace-like emotional state potential of rookie DeMarcus Cousins...

Brad: Yeah... this is a really, really intriguing roster... they have a stable of front-court guys that matches darn near everyone in the league in terms of depth... Landry is still underrated and is a fantastic energy guy that can score and rebound... If Cousins had a decent head on his shoulders (or a perceived notion of such), he would've been the #2 pick without question and battling Wall for #1... the talent level there is staggering... a legit back-to-the-basket center with a variety of post moves and excellent rebounding numbers... the gaping holes I see are on the perimeter... I'm with you on Tyreke certainly being a 2-guard by trade, but Beno is close to a trainwreck, and there's really not another option on the outside... Casspi was pretty decent as a rook, but I'm not sold there, and the depth is shaky at best... am I crazy that this could be a bust-out sleeper if Cousins doesn't blow-up, though?

Ryan: Crazy? that...I mean they were a first half sleeper last year(because we underrated Evans) but they(Like Casspi) hit the wall and felt to where they were in the West.I mean I think they will be competitive but the West is sooo deep with veteran talent, this team is still in my eyes inexperienced..and to not have a reliable point guard on the roster isn't something that can be understated....I also think they kinda bailed on the Jason Thompson experiment..I mean he was becoming a fairly dependable big man(12.5pts/8.5rebs/1blk) and now he's in the shuffle...sidebar...I think that its awesome having Donte Greene being in the mix to start at small forward being a legit 6-11..he's as tall as Dalembert,Cousins and Thompson who are all centers lol.

Brad: Okay.. it's a reach... you win... and btw on Donte Greene... they have him listed as a guard/forward on Yahoo... guard! it's absurd... I'm not sure why they bailed on Thompson either... but the Landry move definitely robbed him of minutes... now add Cousins and Dalembert... good luck with that... At any rate, until they get a backcourt partner that can augment Evans skills and take him off the ball... I don't see too much improvement, just due to the glass ceiling of teams ahead of them in the West... in the East? They might be a fringe playoff team... Alas, they stay near the cellar... Prediction: 13th in West

I think I can agree on all of that... Prediction: 13th in West

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