Monday, October 25, 2010

NBA 30-Team Preview #30: Miami Heat

You knew it was coming...


C - Joel Anthony, Jamal Magloire, Zydrunas Ilgauskas
PF - Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem, Juwan Howard
SF - Lebron James, James Jones, Da'Sean Butler
SG - Dwyane Wade, Mike Miller (injured), Jerry Stackhouse
PG - Mario Chalmers, Eddie House, Carlos Arroyo


Brad: Aside from having 3 of the top 15 players in the league (that's weird enough), this is one of the most hilariously interesting roster makeups I've ever seen... this team has 5 guys competing to play alongside Bosh (all 3 centers plus Howard and Haslem) in the crunch time 5, AND an open competition to how they'll play the backcourt without any semblance of a starting NBA point guard combined with the fact that they wouldn't need a primary ball-handler at that spot anyway with Lebron and Wade... it's really a mad house... There's so much to go through about whether James and Wade can co-exist... I think they can... but only if Lebron takes the playmaker role... there will be enough shots to go around, but Wade is the more "pure" scorer of the 2, and Lebron is the better distributor despite being significantly bigger... Bosh is a nice fit as the 3rd wheel b/c he's never been that guy to demand the ball with authority, and he'll get wide-open looks alot of the time... it's what he was made for... the Mike Miller injury hurts them early... as he's their 4th best player by any estimation, and would certainly be in their crunch time 5 when healthy to spread people out and do what he does best (shoot)... You're not in the 70-win thought process, are you?

Ryan: Noooooooo waaaaaaaay man...70 out of 82 has to have the right kind of luck and It may be a while before that ever happens again..Outside of the big 3...uh..this is a big patchjob for the Heat here...of the two point guards(Arroyo/Chalmers) I'd rather have Eddie House start and just have Lebron be the creator on offense..neither one of them do anything really offensively and defense is always comparable. But anyway that supporting cast even with Mike Miller is so.....average...I really don't think Bosh/James/Wade can coast on any night. They can out-hustle you sure...but man..injuries may play a factor here(already) and its not looking good. Lucky for them like you said you have 3 of the top 15 players out there so that is unheard of and will be a tremendous advantage...its hard to predict how good they'll be because its all philosophical in that we hadn't seen anything like this (2 was the max) before.. so it could go really well..or really bad...

Brad: Got a point there... it's all conjecture to a point... we think we know that 3 great players = great team... but do we? I've heard comparisons to that first Boston team when the Big 3 got together... but it's not the same thing... those 3 were in their late prime, and were semi-grizzled vets plus they had young Rondo and Perkins... and even then, were people penciling them in for greatness? Definitely not... I think it's a mortal lock that they'll be a homecourt team in the East if even 2 of the 3 stay healthy all season, but anything further? It's totally dependent on health, i.e. Wade's health IMO... Lebron has never been hurt, and Bosh is pretty durable (never played less than 67 games), but Wade has always been and will always be an injury risk... they can't afford a loss... but with all the bashing, they still have Lebron, who carried Cleveland to 60+ wins multiple times with semi-lackluster help, and that's the great equalizer... fans and media have to be careful in discussing Lebron with hate-colored glasses because of the antics of the offseason... the guy is still an unmitigated monster, and we've never seen anything like him physically... put it all together? I see 60-ish wins, but we're all guessing... Prediction: 1st in the East

Ryan: All good points but I have one thing to is Lebron's elbow? I think if 2 of them stay healthy for the season then I'll give them the #1 seed..but there are some bad movable pieces that could be exposed as the year goes on...regardless... Prediction: 1st in the East

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T Row Aka ya boy said...

I am going to be one (of many I think) that doesn't like the fact that the 3 are together in Miami, but still will be on the edge of my seat waiting to see how it pans out...

You already buying tix for us for when MIA comes to town?