Saturday, October 23, 2010

NBA 30-Team Preview #21: Philadelphia 76ers

Lots of mismatched talent...


C - Spencer Hawes, Marreese Speights, Tony Battie
PF - Elton Brand, Darius Songaila, Craig Brackins
SF - Thaddeus Young, Andres Nocioni, Jason Kapono
SG - Andre Iguodala, Evan Turner, Jodie Meeks
PG - Jrue Holiday, Louis Williams


The word I'd use to describe the Sixers is "Overlapping." All of their talent is nice but somehow they've managed to stock talent that gets in the way of themselves.... Confused?..okay...They had Iguodala..good player..they drafted Evan Turner with the 2nd pick....They have Jrue Holiday and they have Louis Williams overlapping both guard spots... They have Thad Young... who plays better at the 4, playing the 3, because Elton Brand is there sucking money for whatever reason..All in all..I'm sour on them because there's no way they can get out of their own way for success...I need a positive spin..

Brad: I'm a little more encouraged than you... but there's certainly mismatched talent here... I like all of their guys (sans Iguodala and Turner, we'll get there)... Young is nice but positionally challenged... Speights is a nice low-post piece, Hawes is talented and useful, and I like both combo/point guards... the issue for me is with Iguodala... he's got talent.. but I think he's been miscast, and because he's been forced to be a primary option for a few years now, he thinks that's who he is... it even showed up at times on the FIBA team... he was jacking at times, inexplicably, but his offensive game is ugly/inefficient, and he's much better suited playing lockdown D and filling lanes/using his athleticism... unfortunately for Philly fans, he's still the default #1 option, and will play as such... Turner? He's got nice skills, but never announced (to me) that was any more than an NBA role player... which isn't a bad thing.. unless you have the giant paperweight of being the #2 pick... and now he's got a bad attitude? Great times Philly... it's not like you could've used Cousins... oh wait... Turner plays the same position as Iguodala! Who you've locked down for a million years and a billion dollars! Great! At least they have Elton Brand's corpse for several more years... Whoops... I was supposed to be positive...

Ryan: Lol see? much as the individual talent that they have looks is a team game and they get in the way of each's hard to be all positive on them... I am a little higher on Turner than you(even though the preseason isn't helping me) though. Iguodala is in the wrong role but I would put that more on the team than him "stepping up." Anyways I'm going to need something on this roster to shake out of town before I pick them for anything significant... Prediction: 11th in the East.

Brad: I'm not "blaming" Iguodala... but that doesn't mean I have to like the player he's become in this role.. because I don't... they'd almost be better off with some injuries to "force" them into a rotation... I'm lost... one underrated key? Jrue Holiday has been getting some serious buzz in the offseason... maybe he's a legit x-factor and we just don't know it yet... at any rate... Prediction: 10th in the East

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