Saturday, October 2, 2010

NBA 30-Team Preview #2: Golden State Warriors

Ah, Oakland's finest...


C - Andris Biedrins, Ekpe Udoh (injured), Dan Gadzuric
PF - David Lee, Louis Amundson, Brendan Wright
SF - Reggie Williams, Dorell Wright, Vlad Radmanovic
SG - Monta Ellis, Charlie Bell, Rodney Carney
PG - Steph Curry, Jeremy Lin


Brad: What do you even say here? Nellie is out, and that's a guaranteed positive... but this roster is a mess... there isn't a legit NBA small forward on the roster (with apologies to Reggie Williams), their lottery pick is injured already, and was a reach when he was drafted, and their 3rd guard is Charlie Bell... yes, Charlie Bell!... There is certainly talent with big-time guard Stephen Curry, recently overpaid David Lee, and Monta Ellis... but the continuity of the roster is jumbled...

Ryan: Yeah short term the thinking would be "Yes!...Nellie is outta here!"..but this roster was kinda tailored to his liking so its going to take some time to weed all that unconventionality out of The Bay.A good start would be cutting Monta Ellis out of town..but lets focus on the here and now.If this team doesn't run and's going to be very very hard to compete night in and night out.But they do have pieces like Louis Amundson,Andris Biedrins and David Lee to get the dirty work you said though..the depth 1-3 isn't really there...

Brad: Couldn't agree more... the roster is set to score 110 and give up 120... I like Lee alongside Biedrins or Amundson simply because they can cover up his defensive limitations... I'm still not convinced that Monta and Curry can play together (actually, I'm convinced they can't), and they get eaten alive by any shooting guard that can score because of that undersized backcourt... I really, really like Ekpe Udoh as a player... i.e. I was praying he'd fall to the Hawks at 19 before the hype machine kicked in... but his injury right now in addition to the frontcourt depth they've amassed makes him a candidate for getting buried a bit, and makes the wing gap look that much more glaring...

Ryan: I think that Ellis and Curry can play together just as long as Curry is running the show..last year it was Ellis and that wasn' wise..I have nothing about Udoh but I don't know if he'll bring too much more than what Biedrins does..and..I totally forgot that Vladimir Radmanovic and Brandan Wright were still there! Nellie's dog house is worse than the witness protection program!..but as a small sidebar I'm really pulling for Jeremy Lin..being the first Asian-American player in the NBA..he's a Harvard grad and is from Palo Alto(For people who don't know its the Stanford/Bay Area) I think he's a good story.

Brad: Totally agree on Lin.. and I think he'll be listed as the backup PG on the depth chart.. granted, that doesn't mean much because I think they'll always have either Curry or Ellis out there.. but he's the next option... Brendan Wright is a giant bust, and I think he's been exposed as such... but Radman has an NBA reputation, so he's capable of getting some burn... if only he could defend 3's... Really, really interested to see how Keith Smart molds this squad to a different philosophy instead of rolling the ball out like Nellie's been doing... but they still are winning low 20's IMO... Prediction: 14th in the West

Ryan: I'm not sure about Wright..I mean he was progressing one year and was derailed by a shoulder injury..I always felt as if the uptempo thing was for him before he got buried by Nellie and then having Anthony Randolph..I think that Smart's philosophy having any kind of discipline would be a vast improvement..and they won 29 last year with over half the roster being hurt..I say low 30s but still being 14th overall.. Prediction: 14th in the West

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